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My whole life has been an extraordinary adventure. There have been many obstacles, but as I look back my greatest teachers have been the difficulties I faced and overcame. I have been a professional ballet dancer, an airlines specialist, a healer in energy schools, and now for the last 30 years a psychiatrist specializing in awakening people to their full potential. I have been blessed to meet great spiritual teachers, and to learn about life from amazing people. In addition my patients over the years have been by greatest gifts. I have such admiration for those individuals who struggle out of darkness in the belief that there is a better life, sometimes not knowing that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Over the years, my realization has grown that WE are magnificent. It is our birthright to live our lives happy! We are invited to live in our highest energy every day and to visualize our daily dreams. I have learned that, and now I teach it.


In my childhood, I was eager to look for answers that were not obvious. At 4 years old I remember thinking over and over again, “Why am I in this house and not another house? I have to remember why I landed here, I have a purpose. I need to remember!”  It took over 25 years for me to “remember” and to understand that we do “land” in the correct families. We can and need to overcome obstacles faced early in life, build our wings and fly at our highest potential.

I have always wanted to help people. Learning to love myself, and then teaching others to do the same has been my mission.


ellynI have traveled all over the world and met incredible people.  During my disaster work in Haiti after the earthquake, in Sri Lanka after the tsunami, and in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina, I met people who lost loved ones and all their property. Those trips changed my life. I saw resiliency in people.  I discovered that we have a resiliency in each of us that can move mountains and initiate recovery.  I learned that to be a human being on this planet is a great privilege. The people that I met opened their hearts to me and I fell in love with each of them in return.

Back in my office, I understood that each of us have our tsunamis, but what links us together is our humanity and desire to be happy and to live freely.  My awareness of the precious present moment opened and I have been committed to living in that present and manifesting my life dreams ever since.

photo-1I developed magnificence therapy.  It is based on knowing that our feelings are the indicator of where we are going at any moment in life. We can envision our next step, not in the future but in the present. We are much more than we appear to be and can focus on our purpose and our legacy as a navigational tool for our lives. It includes daily meditations and small tasks that nourish us and keep our happiness an “inside job” and not be dependent on others. Fundamentally if you want something and believe, so it becomes. We are natural creators of our destiny. What a free and delicious ride. We will always have challenges and obstacles.  Magnificence Therapy gives us the tools to have a sense of humor and know that it is the adventure of life, not the end game. It would be my privilege and honor to have you join me in person, on the phone, or in an online course.


IMG_0439It is always important to honor our teachers. These are some of mine that I want to acknowledge and thank. Sathya Sai Baba Indian guru and philanthropist; Nicole Roux my teacher and spiritual sister; the School for Enlightenment & Healing Inc. that provides training in spiritual growth; the Society of Souls- a Kabbalistic healing school and community for seekers of the truth; Abraham-Hicks Law of Attraction; Mike Dooley and his Notes from the Universe; Nancy Engle healer and wise woman; Dani Antman healer and spiritual teacher; Emilee Conrad and her teaching of Continuum; My son Eytan with his personal determination to be his own person and still be my good friend; and my beloved Kenny Silverman who teaches me daily from the other side.

And countless wonderful patients over the last 30 years who have trusted me with their lives, and partnered with me in their healing. May you continue to flourish and be well.  Blessings to you.

  • University of Vermont Bacheolor of Science
  • Albert Einstein College of Medicine  MD
  • Montefiore Hospital, NY pediatric training
  • Columbia Presbyterian psychiatric training
  • Silver Hill Hospital, New Canaan CT. – ongoing practice there
  • Private practice is in my house in the woods in Stamford, CT – a healing and nourishing place to renew

  • Leonard Kammer Award for Excellence in Teaching, Columbia Presbyterian Dept. of Psychiatry
  • Award for Distinguished Service  American Anorexia/Bulimia Association
  • Bruno Lima Award, Excellence in Contributions to Disaster Psychiatry and Humanitarianism, by the American Psychiatric Association
  • Distinguished Service Award from USTPAC  in recognition for dedicated service to the Tamil people of Sri Lanka