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Dr. Shander saved my life more than once, and on many different levels. She saw through what many other doctors had not been able to detect and gave me help, hope, guidance, answers, and strength. If it was not for Dr Shander recognizing that I had Lyme disease, I might not be alive today. She also helped me heal in four different very crucial levels: physically, emotionally, spiritually, and transformative into survivor and then warrior. She matured me and guided me into being a magnificent woman who has been able to grasp my deepest inner strength. I am forever grateful for Dr Shander and our eternal bond.

Ally Hilfiger

Ellyn’s Magnificence Coaching saved my life. I was in such a dark emotional hole when I started seeing her. As soon as I sat down on her couch, I knew I was supposed to work with her. She truly supported me in finding my own magnificence and believing in myself in a way that no other coach has before. Her warmth and compassion filled up the room and I always felt supported, loved and guided by Ellyn. She helped me connect spiritually and shared with me some incredible tools to reconnect within if I ever get caught up in the negative story again. I wholeheartedly recommend Ellyn’s Magnificence Coaching!

Ashley K.

Dr. Shander is a FABULOUS doctor! I cannot say enough good things about her. It was easy to make an appointment and I saw her soon after. She was on-time and spent a good amount of time with me. It was obvious she was a kind and caring individual, who had my best interests at heart. I appreciated the follow-up after our visits, too. I felt comfortable contacting her for medicine changes and asking questions in between sessions. Over time, I saw how she invested in me and was dedicated to seeing me succeed. The high quality of care I have received from Dr. Shander goes above and beyond all other care I have received from healthcare providers. As a highly trained physician, I was confident in her skills. Her diagnosis was accurate and empowered me to learn more strategies to lead a more successful life. Thanks to Dr. Shander’s expertise, I am successful in all areas of my life. I’ve learned and implemented healthy coping mechanisms. I am proud that I have followed her expert advice and no longer turn to an eating disorder, depression, or anxiety. Today, I volunteer regularly with underprivileged individuals, teach children within an academic setting, am friendly, outgoing and HAPPY! I’ve learned to look at situations and people with a positive lens, because one day long ago, a doctor did this for me and I can never thank her enough for it. If it weren’t for Dr. Shander, I wouldn’t have a successful marriage, career, and positive relationships with my family and friends. I highly recommend Dr. Shander.


Dr. Shander has been my doctor for quite a few yrs now, she has rebuilt me, empowered me and gave me back my life. Her genuine care for her patients is off the charts amazing. Her job is her life, her patients come first. I can honestly say, if you want to see your life turn around and start healing, Dr. Shander is the doctor for you.


Dr. Shander has a lot of care and compassion for her patients. She is a tough doctor who wants to see people succeed and will work as hard as you are willing to work. I couldn’t imagine going through such a rough patch in my life without her support and guidance.

Amy S.

Dr. Shander has a lot of care and compassion for her patients. She is a tough doctor who wants to see people succeed and will work as hard as you are willing to work. I couldn’t imagine going through such a rough patch in my life without her support and guidance.

Jamie S.

I give this gifted lady not 4 stars but 5. She is a wonderful loving yet tough love therapist who is not afraid to confront one’s battles head on with determination and commitment. God Bless YOU Dr. Shander

Dr. Shander is an undeniably EXTRAORDINARY doctor. She’s not only an intelligent and caring physician, but also a truly wonderful person. Going to her as a patient may actually save or significantly improve your life, that’s what she did for me. I highly recommend you seek her out if you need any sort of medical/psychiatric help. I have been her patient for nearly 4 years. She literally has saved my life countless times. I cannot emphasize enough how wonderful, brilliant, helpful and devoted she is. Numerous times I have called her personally, even at 3am, she has always responded immediately and solved the issue. She truly cares about each one of her patients and will always find time for them. Personally, after 14 years of physical, emotional and psychological abuse, I sought help from over 20 different doctors, not ONE of them comes even close to dr. Shander… When my medical issues have dumbfounded other medical professionals, dr. Shander investigates & gets highly involved to determine what was going on and then she ALONE resolved the issue.

Liz H.

I met Dr. Shander in 1996 and I wish everyone could have a Dr. Shander. I worked with her for at least 13 years to “get well”. And we both worked hard for me….She stuck by me through thick and thin and there were times she should probably have thrown me out but she did not. And I am so grateful for that. She was gentle and kind and harsh when she needed to be. She told me the truth and when I wanted to run away, she held on with love….and I always came back because I knew she believed in me even when I did not believe in myself. I completed my therapy with her and live a wonderful life today. I never thought it could happen for me and at times, she probably wondered if it would, but she never let go and for that I am blessed.

Eve W.

Dr Shander is an amazing Doctor. She really knows her stuff and helps you to understand how your thoughts and behaviors impact your well-being. She is willing to use tough love and compassion to move you beyond where you ever thought was imaginable. 10 star rating. Anyone would be lucky to work with such a dynamic psychiatrist.

A. M. H.

Dr. Shander is a great resource. She is a very skilled psychiatrist and made an accurate diagnosis by using her kind, inquisitive and compassionate nature to learn about my symptoms and worked with me to ensure that I understood her medication recommendations and continuation of care plan. She continued to show interest in my well-being and when I spent almost a year with limited insurance she saw me on a sliding scale. She is truly a gift to this profession and I would encourage anyone struggling with interpersonal difficulties to seek her guidance and clinical expertise.

T. S.

Dr. Shander is the most amazing psychiatrist I have ever seen. After years of struggling silently she compassionately worked with me to release all the anger and hurt that held me back from living my true potential. I have moved twice — to VT and VA — and I still go back to her when there is an existential crisis in my life. She has such care and concern for the true and genuine well-being of her patients. I would recommend her to anyone struggling with mental health challenges. She accurately diagnoses her clients and works to create the best course of treatment for her clients. She spent the time to make sure that I understood the course of treatment and gave me an opportunity to ask questions. This was the first time in my life that anyone asked me about my experience and supported me through the process. Dr. Shander helped me to find my voice and use my strengths to combat the obstacles that stood between me and a successful future. I would not be where I am without her expertise and guidance. I saw a handful of therapists and doctors before I found Dr. Shander through Silver Hill. Since then I have used her as the standard of care for other psychiatrists and clinicians.

Dana Z.

Dr Shander is amazing. She has been a constant support for me for over 15 years as I transitioned from adolescence to my post-collegiate experience. I truly believed that without her expertise and support I would have lost myself and travelled down a death ending spiral. She has seen me through so much and I am forever grateful for her willingness to care about me when I did not care about myself. I would reccomend her 100x over to anyone struggling with finding their life path.

Jamie S.

I have been with dr shandr in therapy for 15 years. I go to her for family issues and just life isues .. she has been so extroadinary helpful,,,i am deeply grateful that she saved my son,s life. She accurately diagnosed him w asperges syndrome 12 years ago, because of her , amd her patience , her clinical skills , she helped ,me and by son with his life. Week by week she is patient with me, loving manner and traets me like family , my son is now a sophmore in college and doing wonderfuly, from the bottom of my heart i will always be grateful , love you dr shander ,,,from my son too


I feel compelled to post a write up about Dr Shander as I have been a patient of hers for almost 12 years. Prior to her, I had been trying for years to find a doctor/ therapist, as Dr Shander does both, and have been unsuccessful in my attempts . There are so many treaters that spend 10min with you and do not complete a thorough evaluation. Dr Shander is first doctor that treated me medically, physically, spiritually. I met her. Silver Hill Hosptial. I had a lot of unresolved issues with an unclear diagnosis of depression. Dr Shander worked with the meds to find the correct recipe, She spent many hours and years to help me work thru my issues, She is always available for me and goes to every extent she can to help me. I have been an extremely difficult patient at times and Dr Shander never abandoned me. I would have abandoned me:) Within my years of being with Dr Shander, I was diagnosed with MUltiple Scerosis. She always coordinated with my other doctors related to the MS to maintain continuity of care at all levels. I do not write posts a lot, actually I have never written a post, but Dr Shander is an incredible doctor and people need to know there is someone out there that can help you. I, fortunately, can stand as a testimony and witness to her expertise.

Amy R.

As a psychiatrist she has been a source of extensive information and love , she goes beyond a doctor role to help me anytime I need her , she treats me as family , I have so much trust and faith , in her …-and she has saved me ,, Through very hard crises when my husbands died , my childhood of abuse and an eating disorder , I have 4 children who are terrific and successful , because Dr. Shander has stepped in in key times I my life , I have been her patient for 14 years . She has helped me in my business , my marriage and I now have a wonderful life , sometimes she is blunt and tough love , but this has saved my life , she doesn’t sugar coat , but her caring and expertise has proved to be right on !in summation , she is a true genius and really cares , even on off hours she has been available for me dispute her busy schedule on her private phone ,,I also sent 2 of my 4 children to see her , I trust her that much ! Thank you Dr. Shander.