I have traveled all over the world and met incredible people. During my disaster work in Haiti after the earthquake, in Sri Lanka after the tsunami, and in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina, I met people who lost loved ones and all their property. Those trips changed my life. I saw resiliency in people. I discovered that we have a resiliency in each of us that can move mountains and initiate recovery. I learned that to be a human being on this planet is a great privilege. The people that I met opened their hearts to me and I fell in love with each of them in return.
Today I was looking at the pictures of the children in Nepal. thousands of people have never recovered a safe place to live after the devastating earthquakes. Service trips are being organized soon.. want to come?
I know it is a long way to travel, but we have such abundance here. and what an opportunity to give back. email me if you have interest. it would be a trip associated with the Young Living essential oil company.\