Whenever I travel I have an emergency bag of my young living essential oils.

  1. For  the plane,  I love thieves. There have been studies showing that this oil kills bacteria approximately  3 feet around you in the air.. Well, that is a no brainier, on a crowded plane. I make sure that I splash it around my neck and my wrists and protect myself from the coughs around me.  I love lavender for the stress of flying. and it keeps me mellow. And of course peppermint and eucalyptus keeps me breathing happy and mentally alert.
  2. For stress and insomnia.  nothing is better than lavender. And of course the blend ” stress away”
  3. For any breathing tightness, in hi altitudes or simply chest congestion. RC is wonderful. I am always amazed at how fast asthma disappears , or any coughing with a few drops of this oil rubbed into my chest.
  4. Exercising more than usual? any of the fir oils. like Balsam and white fir relieves aches and pains accompanied with Panaway, and Deep relief
  5. End of day bath?  a few drops of lavender and tangerine in the bath water feels divine.


If you are interested in signing up for the intro package of Young living oils. go to my page at http://www.ylwebsite.com/DrShander/home and follow the directions to sign up as a member. Only sign up for the introductory package of 10 oils and the diffuser appox $160.  Play with these oils and then as you get familiar with the wonder and magic of the oils. You can then go forward contact me with any questions. eshander@aol.com