One idea I read about in an article by Nick Ortner, who does the Tapping solution, was to look at spring cleaning and see it as an opportunity to do some spiritual house cleaning as well. The following is my adaptation.

  1. Look for the “ dirt” or your obstacles or you wont be able to “ clean it” out of your way. Before we can manifest our best routes, we need to see what is in our way. So do you have any bad habits that you want to address?  Any jealousy, anger, attachments? Time to clean it out and put in some JOY.
  2. NO gossip! No bad mouthing other people when they are not present. .Spiritual mouthwash is in order. HA Ha.. Seriously try and go one day without saying one negative thing about anyone! In summary , mouth and spirit cleaning, please .
  3. Dust off your thinking. Notice if you criticize yourself. Clean out those cobwebs. No more saying. “I am so stupid”, “I am so clumsy”. Only allow self love to flow in after you have noticed the old mental habits and cleaned them away..
  4. Cleanse your heart. Are you mad at anyone? Holding a grudge? Need to forgive anyone? Be honest with yourself. Life is so refreshing when we can go thru the day in purity of heart and mind. See others as people who are just trying to do the best they can. We are .. right?
  5. Polish ! After you have done steps 1 to 4 above. You are clean and shiny. Now enjoy how much lighter you feel and how you are the center of your universe. And beam out the light and love to yourself and to everyone who comes into contact with YOU. OK time to manifest. Cant wait to hear your stories of abundance.. See it . imagine it and it is coming .. wow